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TREON – crypto revolution to utility payments


Treon is a new “Utilities Token” that securely and seamlessly allow consumers around the world to easily manage and pay for their telecom, energy, and water usage. With a consolidated dashboard consumers will be updated on their consumption on one-screen, and with a one-click process will be able to pay their bills instantly with Treon tokens (TXO), other crypto, or fiat currencies. Paying with TXOs will reward consumers with loyalty points that can be redeemed for their preferred consumption units.

TREON Opportunity

Treon is targeting multiple opportunities starting with telecom utilities. With a global annual revenue in 2017 of $1.05 Trillion reaching $1.4 Trillion on 2023 (per GSMA), Treon aims to capture $2.1 Billion worth of telecom transactions on its platform by 2023. Energy utilities are next on Treon’s target. In 2017 Electricity and Natural Gas utilities generated combined revenues of $3.9 Trillion. By 2023 both sectors will generate $5 Trillion. Treon aspires to capture more than $7.5 Billion worth of utilities transactions on its platform by 2023.

Benefits to Consumers

  • Customers will easily navigate the dashboard for a full view of their consumption of various utility subscriptions; customised notifications will provide convenient early alerts for payments or renewals.
  • Treon (TXO) aims to bridge the gap for the unbanked by providing easy access to a currency that can be used as a settlement tool for different utilities – offering them the best services and value for money.
  • Treon (TXO) offers the ability to completely and optimally manage multiple utility services on one interface – a simple dashboard covering all customer needs.
  • The analytical capabilities of the Treon (TXO) e-wallet will provide smart recommendations on how to optimise usage, whether to save cost and/or to save energy.
  • Making use of Treon’s ecosystem, customers will be able to settle their payments for any of their utilities using a safe, secure, seamless and rewarding method
  • Customers will receive rewards in the form of loyalty points upon settling their bills or topping -up their accounts using the Treon (TXO) e-wallet. This will be an incremental benefit that the customers will receive upon every payment they make using TXOs.
  • Consumers will have the option to customise different notifications for all their utility providers to ensure timely updates and, more importantly, to avoid any service suspension due to any payment delay.

Benefits to Companies

  • The savings will reach up to 80% on the existing transaction fees with the introduction of Treon tokens (TXO) that will incur considerably lower bank or credit card commissions and/or fees.
  • Utility providers play a significant key role in our business model. Different networks are the intermediaries, between utility service providers and Treon’s end users.
  • Based on their vast experience, industry participation goes a long way in the utility world.
  • Any utility operator will receive additional margin on TXO tokens based on each year’s transaction volume on Treon.
  • The team’s priority is to ensure that potential users have an actual idea of how their product works.
  • Applications created by utility operators are not widely adopted by their end users.
  • Green Energy comes from natural renewable energy resources, meaning they’re naturally replenished. Treon (TXO) will provide zero fees for green energy providers to promote and encourage customers to migrate their usage to clean renewable energy.

Token Sale

  • Period of ICO 18-June-2018 to 17-July-2018
  • Pre-sale minimum investment amount – 0.1 ETH
  • Tokens available during Pre-sale – 118.2 Million TXOs
  • Tokens available during ICO – 281.8 Million TXOs

For more information about TREON access the link whitepaper and TREON.

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