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Qilimanjarao – quantum computation at your fingertips


Quantum computing is an emerging technology with a large transformative potential. It is coming faster than you think. It will change your industry, the way you process your data. Qilimanjaro is the ecosystem for quantum computing. We are here for you to benefit from the capabilities of this quantum technology and guide you through this new, game-changing paradigm. The goal is to create an ecosystem for decentralized quantum computing services where universities, researchers, institutions and, in general, any interested user, may benefit from quantum capabilities, being able to execute appropriate algorithm implementations adapted to their needs.

Market Opportunity

Tech companies are recognizing the strategic importance of quantum computing and investment activity has dramatically increased in recent years. Goldman Sachs has projected the quantum computing industry could potentially be $29 billion by 2021. Quantum computing is a geopolitical and economic game changer. It will potentially impact every area of our lives, creating new industries and disrupting existing ones. Some of the potential market segments include health, finance, machine learning, simulation, logistics, cryptography, pharmaceuticals, global warming and security.


Every day, an increasing number of research centers, large corporations, and SMEs grow interested in quantum computation, and how this technology could improve and accelerate their problem-solving and data processing. The team foresees an exponential adoption in the retail/corporate world to provide fast and scalable solutions to today’s heavy/intractable problems. At present, quantum computing is available through prototypes with little functionality. Unfortunately, even at such an early stage, this cutting-edge technology is only within the reach of large corporations who are able to meet the expensive fees.


  • Qilimanjaro QUANTUM COMPUTER – QCS – is accessible through a cloud service. Being an analog quantum computer has a huge short-term potential compared to the approach followed by high-tech giants
  • Qilimanjaro CONSULTING SERVICES – QSS- helps users moving their problems to quantum logic.
  • QIBO is an OPEN-SOURCE LANGUAGE able to run quantum applications in any existing quantum machine (IBM, Rigetti, Qilimanjaro, …)
  • OPENQ is the platform where the Qilimanjaro COMMUNITY promotes collaboration and development of novel and useful quantum algorithms.
  • Qilimanjaro Computing Service (QCS)

    Enabling remote access to quantum computers through a cloud service is a crucial factor nowadays to be competitive. A broader community of users will grow as more quantum computing platforms become available online. The Qilimanjaro Computing Services (QCS) team will focus on building a quantum annealer based on coherent qubits to be accessed through a cloud-based platform. The QCS team will develop a simple, user-friendly interface providing external users with editing capabilities to build custom programs. The online editor will contain a set of tools to compile quantum algorithms to be batched on the online quantum computer platform. A virtual machine based on Qibo will permit users to test their programs against simulated realistic conditions before trying the actual device.

    Token Sale

    The Qilimanjaro Crowdsale and the corresponding token creation process will be organized around smart contracts running on Ethereum. Participants willing to support the development of the Qilimanjaro Project can do so by sending Ether currency to the designated address. By doing so, they are purchasing QBITs Tokens (QBIT) which are sent instantly to their wallet.

    • Ticker: QBIT
    • Token type: ERC20
    • ICO Token Price: 1 QBIT = 0.19 USD
    • Fundraising Goal: 25,000,000 USD
    • Total Tokens: 300,000,000
    • Available for Token Sale: 45%
    • Accepts: ETH

    For more information about Qilimanjaro access the link whitepaper and Qilimanjaro.

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