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BEATRIX – a crowdsourced innovation


BEATRĪX is a collaboration of companies, combining years of experience in area-independent industries: Energy: Energy Towers GmbH. Telecommunications: Nynex/FiberONE. Financial services: Phenecia AG. Biogas plants Expert: Bioconstruct GmbH. SME/Industry/Engineering: GBZ GmbH and Hänchen GmbH. University: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). BEATRĪX is going to provide green, low cost, sustainable energy and telecommunications to people who need it the most. The predominant focus of their dynamic project is Africa, where they are going to develop growth and progress until they become a market leader. The team is equipped with a new revolutionary energy and blockchain technology that will help Africa to develop incredibly rapidly. BEATRĪX favours a patented revolutionary sustainable solution in form of the energy towers as opposed to imitating the outdated modes of generation which will become a future burden. A far more agile micro-level mode of generation can meet the needs in months.


The provision of power to a population is not simply an economic conversation, but rather a humanitarian one. For most, electrification does not mean running a refrigerator or television but, more crucially, providing heat and light from a source that does not fill a home with dangerous fumes. It might mean charging a cell phone from which payments can be made, phone calls received and important news reports read. Providing electricity to homes means healthier families, better education for children and the optimisation of financial inclusion to capture those in rural areas. BEATRĪX decided not to commit to the well-trodden but impractical road of centralized electricity generation, but to carve a new and pioneering path towards alternative energy solutions in form of a Decentralized Energy and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD). BEATRĪX believes this is the option that can truly change the fortunes of the continent.


The first part of BEATRĪX’s Ecosystem is a patented buoyancy technology, which is a new procedure that efficiently produces electric current. The technology’s technical feasibility has been proven in theory by the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the “proof of concept” that demonstrates its practical potential through test-systems is taking place on 01.09.2018. Systems built based on the buoyancy technology will come in different overall sizes and power steps (1, 5, 10, 25, 50, MW).

The platform and the RIX

Payments for electricity and telecommunications will be powered by the RĪX token. The RĪX token is the only payment possibility for the energy generated by BEATRĪX’s DETDs. Conclusively, decentralization of energy and telecommunications distribution and the integrated RĪX Smart Contract(RSC) within the RIX Power Meter (RPM), BEATRĪX will use the blockchain to record and trade locally generated energy.

Token Sale

  • Pre-sale Ends in 28 Aug
  • Start ICO 18 Oct 2018
  • End ICO 18 Nov 2018
  • Token RIX
  • Payment methods Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) as well as US Dollars (USD) and Euros (EUR) via bank transfer and credit card.
  • Hard Cap: 5 billion RĪX, there is no softcap.
  • purchase amount per transaction: 2000 RĪX.
  • purchase amount per transaction: 5 million RĪX.
  • The mining will happen during and right after the ICO. Your Tokens can only be mined if payment and KYC are completed.

For more information about eternal Beatrix access the link whitepaper and Beatrix.

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